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Programme FTE 2022

The Official Programme of the FTE Mykonos 2022.
Friday, opening gala, 30th September 2022


Saturday, Pre-Summit, 1 October 2022
Saturday, Opening reception, 1 October 2022

St John Resort, Mykonos

  • A Welcome from the Mayor of Mykonos
  • Leading Mykonos Business people will be in attendance with 150 other Innovators, Investors and Entrepreneurs

The Opening of the Conference is 9 am

Opening of the fte summit

Julie Meyer, the Founder and Co-Host of the FTE – Welcome to the FTE * The Mykonos Decade – Year 2 

opening keynote

Scott Fulton, Co-Host, Co-CIO, and the Investment Director of VIVA Investment Partners – How the Macro-Economic Environment and Geo-Political Landscape Inform the Investment Opportunities of 2022 Looking into the Future

The 100 Man Company that will disrupt your firm

James McHugh, Chairman, Tquila

James McHugh will share his vision and success so far in building the 100-person tech firm (innovator) which enables successful established firms (incumbent) to get to the future. His model is to build a firm (innovator) which has the technology of today with the customer base of the incumbent so as to enable the incumbent rather than disrupt it.
His team builds these in 4 quarters then two more to get profitable, and then they sell them to either the incumbent or another player in the market. From 1997 onwards, James has created successful firms and help firms to be successful. He operates globally, and is a keen sailor.

This Sporting Life – An Interview with Peter Wild

Peter Wild, Owner and Managing Partner at Beryll Swiss Family Advisory

Peter Wild is the owner and managing partner of Beryll Swiss Family Advisory which specializes in planning and managing family wealth for a range of clients. Peter brings a highly relevant career to this work. From 1981 until 1997, he was the Head of Trading, Treasury at Julius Baer before joining AIG Private Bank in 2000, initially as CFO before becoming CEO in 2005. In 2009, Peter joined the Executive Board of Bank Sarasin, a position he held until he formed his own firm in 2015.

Throughout this career, Peter’s abiding interest in football has persisted, both as a player and a fan. A long-term supporter of Manchester United, Peter’s experience of the business of sport is unparalleled. Working at the center of the capital markets as the Financial Crisis unfolded, his views of the financial markets’ challenges over the coming decade are highly sought after and will be of interest to the FTE audience.

First SessionThe Future of Mobility

TESLA has baked the model for how the Mobility Ecosystem will work. In one company, they have imagined into existence the ecosystem and the economics of that ecosystem. That’s why they are worth more than the entire automotive industry combined. For the non-TESLA rest of world (ROW), whether an OEM, or a car rental company, or a taxi firm or an EV charging network, they need to understand their role in the ecosystem, and find the other parts. They will need a charging network, a battery firm, manufacturing, vehicles, a dashboard that integrates all of the expected functionality for the desired experience.

All of the elements of the Mobility Ecosystem will be on stage at the Future of Mobility Session at the FTE Mykonos 2022

  • The Future of Electric Vehicle Charging Networks by Kevin Loman, CEO, iQ International
    To accelerate the transition to EVs, companies and individuals need a stable and reliable network of charging stations. Currently, people are used to driving essentially unlimited distances as gas stations are everywhere, and filling up takes just a few minutes. While the EV charging stations aren’t that available, and charging takes a lot more than a few minutes, widely available EV charging infrastructure may be the key to mass EV adoption. It might take a vast public investment to expand the charging network, with governments and property developers keen to add value to their infrastructure. There will also be an enormous demand for EV charging stations for home networks and public charging infrastructure, causing concern about meeting the demand.
    All these points raise the real question – will there be enough public stations to power your fleet in the next ten years?
  • How to Transition Fleets to EVs by Khasha Mekanik, Head of Global Business Development, ODO DRIVE
    Monitoring data and managing vehicle health in real-time is one of the crucial steps enabling the transition to EVs. Heavy use operations like logistics or taxi companies require full-time monitoring of battery usage, route analysing and managing driver behaviour to gain more miles out of their batteries. Other companies would gain a lot by monitoring and managing compliance issues by recording and tracking driver licensing. However, all companies need data supporting the decision-making that will make their transition to EVs as profitable and fast as possible.
  • The Future of Car Rental Companies by Ron Santiago, Managing Director at Europcar Mobility Group
    Car rental, an industry almost as old as the car itself, and one that is facing enormous challenges with technological disruption from all angles.  So, this brings us to the question: in the coming years, what kind of impact will changing technology and innovative ideas have upon the car rental industry?  The future is green, with on demand rentals along with a self-driving revolution on the horizon.  How will the car rental industry continue to transform itself to adapt to these developments?
  • The Future of Mobility Distribution by Marta Daina, Founder & CEO of iDEAL Rent
    The pandemic has changed everything, including how people use mobility, with more and more choosing new alternatives to car ownership, car usership based solutions such as long term rental or car subscriptions. This shift to car-as-a-service is creating disruption in the traditional mobility distribution value chain. Where traditionally dealers and brokers played the leading role, emerging players such as finance, insurance and energy companies are entering mobility distribution creating new business models and opportunities. While the current semiconductor crisis and production slowdown is challenging the overall automotive industry, the tide of change in mobility distribution is the new reality and once production returns to optimal levels the shift will be further accelerated. As always, when there is a crisis, some entrepreneurs see an opportunity and at the FTE we will have our say on the Future Mobility Distribution.
  • How Technology Firms can enable the Mobility Ecosystem by Sally Henshaw, Sales Director, ODO DRIVE
    Thanks to technology and a plethora of start-ups and other disruptors, a range of new flexible and responsive mobility service models have emerged. In other words, instead of us adapting around the services, the services are adapting around us, creating a demand-led transport market. A unique combination of cross-sectoral capabilities is required to build enduring solutions to move people and goods, making collaboration a necessity. It may take the form of mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, or strategic alliances, to address considerations such as speed to market, scalability, flexibility, risk appetite, long-term vision, and Intellectual Property (IP). There are many examples of technology companies and OEMs collaborating (e.g. Daimler-Uber, Hyundai-Cisco, VW-Nvidia), combining deep automotive experience with new, disruptive technologies. Some collaborations may be long-term, others transitory, but speed is imperative to stay ahead. The strength of consumer demand, regulatory pressure, and the rate of technological development change in vehicle electrification and automation are increasing exponentially. This disruption is likely to be significant and bring great opportunities and risks.


SECOND SessionThe Future of the Creator Economy

Speakers will share visions of how the world of creative talent will shape consumption, art, brand, and advertising.  Metaverse as a Service will be explored as well as the value of creativity in an economy.

But the broader Creator Economy as it pertains to building one’s Personal Economy or owning Property Rights to one’s data will be explored as well, and how the eLords will be enabling or obstructing this.

Third Session – The Future of Wealth

The global movements of money and inter-generational transfer of wealth will be explored by leaders in the world of Trusts and Private Banks.


FOURTH SESSION – The Future of Property – a pillar of a more diverse and sustainable economy

Speakers will look at how land as an asset class, is being valued and invested in. What are the new ideas for property development / management

Property development in the role of an integral driver for International investments, creating sustainable added value, while being a catalyst in economic change towards diverse models of wealth management.

Can we create an attractive environment for investments developing and unlocking new sectors while developing innovative opportunities for the future and unlocking new business models ?
How can we set new standards in regenerative property management holding as key driver a sustainable development , supporting infrastructure featuring renewable energy, water conservations and re-use ?
Can insightful property investments and new development models unlock new economic, cultural and social opportunities ?
Facing the era of the “inflation monster” Property can offer a unique opportunity leading to profitability, business sustainability and ensure a strong recovery.

In today’s inflationary environment, that the world economy is navigating in a challenging market backdrop, Investing in key real estate sectors with strong fundamentals might be a unique factor to stay in power and deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.


fifth session – The Future of Food, Health and Aging

This Session looks at Life and How We Live it.

How do we treat our bodies as the engines of our health and therefore positive life experience?   How do we develop fitness wherever we are? How do we care for our families as they need care? What are the new types of food technology? What role does Cannabis play in this?


sixth session – The Future of Your Security

Your data, your identity. From the personal to the corporate, we have some of the leaders of the brave new world of secure communication.


seventh session – The Future of Energy

This session will look at the intersection of new and old forms of energy, and how they change the power in markets, countries and people’s lives.

We will have entrepreneurs who are forging energy in Solar, Nuclear, Battery, and Hydrogen as well as Waste to Fuel.


ninth session – how to value an nft

From community to rarity, this discussion introduces the audience to four primary factors that can influence the popularity and value of an NFT amongst collectors.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Post Summit Day – 4th and 5th of October

In honour of Yom Kippur, this year, we have moved around our tried and tested programme to allow our Jewish friends and regular delegates to get to a synagogue either in Athens or to visit the oldest synagogue in the world in Delos, just a short boat ride from Mykonos.

The Post-Summit Programme is here.

* More details on the programme and the agenda will be posted as we get important updates

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