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Follow the Entrepreneur Dubrovnik Pre-Summit 2018

Pre-Summit is unique experience fully focused on the amazing experience and networking. During two Pre-Summit days, participants meet each other and discuss business in a relaxing environment. Unique premium food, top-quality drinks, stunning venues and life-changing experience specially shaped by FTE team is the true unique value of Pre-Summit.

Follow the Entrepreneur Summit Dubrovnik 2018

Follow the Entrepreneur Summit is happening after Pre-Summit days. During two days participants have the opportunity to hear world-renowned speakers – investors and entrepreneurs and to learn more about trends in various industries as well as about opportunities in these industries. Follow the Entrepreneur Summit highlights topics such as The Future of Digital Identity Management, The Future of Transportation and Mobility, The Future of Government, The Future of Wellness, The Future of Building and Financing Businesses, How Blockchain became the Foundation of Everything, The Future of Connectivity, The Future of Recruitment, The Future of Money.

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