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FTE Taormina PreSummit 2019

The FTE Taormina Pre-Summit 2019 is a key part of the overall event.

We believe that people do business with people that they know, trust and respect. So we provide that opportunity for people to get to know, trust and respect each other. Over the course of the past 9 years, we have organised unique experiences in the UK, Malta, Dubrovnik, Taormina and soon elsewhere in the Mediterranean, where people can enjoy the beauty of the region, relax with others who are business builders or investors and build long-term relationships.

During the two Pre-Summit days, before the Summit kicks off, FTE Taormina delegates were able to climb Mount Etna, have lunch at a local winery (one of the best), take a cruise on the water, and have evening dinners in some of the most picturesque locations around Taormina.

FTE Taormina Summit 2019

The FTE Taormina Summit 2019 is a two-day conference where entrepreneurs share their ideas, insights, inspiration and investment opportunities on stage with financiers in the audience listening and contributing.

This year we focused on the Future of:
– Audio in a world where screen time is overloaded
– Banking the SME’s
– Cannabis which is emerging as an industry
– Crypto Asset Investment Management
– Data and Privacy
– Gold and how putting the Supply Chain on the blockchain is changing the world for the better
– Health and Medical Innovation
– Insurance and how the industry is embracing data
– Italian Mittelstand / Family Business and what the next generation is doing
– Japanese SME’s and Innovation
– Payments
– Sustainable Real Estate and how the blockchain is enabling this vision
– Talent and Deploying it where the market is
– Technology and how it is changing Democracy

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