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Attend the FTE Mykonos 2022
More than 100 investors, entrepreneurs, and HNWIs from all over the world will gather at the FTE Mykonos this year in Greece to invest, create networks and exploit all the opportunities the FTE brings.
Why to Attend the FTE Mykonos 2022?
Build the Future

The FTE speakers and delegates list is filled with changemakers that are opposing the status Quo and reshaping the Economy.

New Business Opportunities

Discuss new opportunities with business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs with different backgrounds.

Lifelong partnerships

The FTE will enable you to connect with other attendees like never before during the Pre-Summit & Post-Summit where you relax and enjoy the setting with other delegates.

Relax & Enjoy

Delicious Mediterranean food and unmatched Greek hospitality with the beautiful Mykonian surrounding await you.

FTE Testimonials
Jonathan Duce
JTI - Japan Tobacco International
Communications and Media Specialist
It’s been a brilliant experience. I think the world really needs a place like this where we can all come together and discuss ideas and look at future projects. The world needs that in COVID times. It’s been such a challenging year; a state of flux; it’s brilliant to get people together.
Michael Moszynski
LONDON Advertising

I think one of the most lovely things about the FTE as a concept is the combination of having a more relaxed Pre-Summit time where you can really get to know and meet the people and talk to them in a relaxed way before the actual hard talk of the Summit. I think that’s an incredibly valuable part especially when you are in such a beautiful environment like here in Greece.

Sian Sutherland
A Plastic Planet

Everything was textbook perfect. All in all, one of our best weeks for a while and so valuable in all ways.

Julia Zhou
Tidal Impact
Co-founder & Chief Development Officer

It was a fantastic experience for me – both on a professional and personal level. I got to know some really inspiring people that I will definitely be in touch with while having so much fun (especially on the boat trip!). The content of the summit was of such high quality and the way Julie moderated the event, especially the questions she asked, was impressive.

Judy Sindecuse
Capital Innovators

It’s really important to me to surround myself with people that are really smart and ambitious and trying to do things to help the world. This looked like a place where it was going to be a gathering of all of these people.

Stefano Lo Priore
Hyris Ltd
Managing Director

I attended the Follow The Entrepreneur (FTE) Taormina Summit in July 2019, and met one of the leading venture capitalists in the world, George Coelho, whose fund, Astanor, backed my business Hyris as a result of my presentation at the FTE Taormina, and all of my team’s work and our value proposition.  But the connection was made on the stage of the FTE. I recommend VIVA Investment Partners’ FTE Summits to all entrepreneurs for an outstanding mix of ideas, inspiration, capital, and insights.

The Location
Everything starts with a great location…

…and Greece is blessed geographically. Mykonos is one of the most beautiful & popular Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea.

Filled with luxurious hotels & private villas, Michelin star restaurants, and turquoise sea… it is the place to be in Greece.

Mykonos is a global location now. Events like the emergence of the Digital Property ID in Greece, the momentum of the government which is pro-business, and pro-capitalism, mean that the uncertainty of Greece is disappearing.

As risk is reduced, institutional capital will flow into the country and to the Greek property market like never before.



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