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The Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit enables Investors to share Ideas, Insight, Inspiration and Investment Opportunities at a beautiful Mediterranean Harbour City each year.
This year the FTE Pre-Summit & Summit is moving to Mykonos, Greece – 1st to 5th of October.
Mykonos is one of the most beautiful & popular Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea. Filled with luxurious hotels & private villas, Michelin star restaurants, turquoise sea… it is the place to be in Greece.


The FTE Investor Summit is globally known for its Pre-Summit experience, where delegates spend two days before the Summit exploring the location of the Summit, going on excursions in the area and meeting all of the other delegates in relaxing, beautiful, social settings.


The FTE Summit – live-streamed to the whole world – brings together the most important Investors, Entrepreneurs and Digital Enablers to share all the important information & insights on the future of various ecosystems.


We have secured a special price for you in the Royal Myconian, the leading luxury hospitality experience on Mykonos. More details here.
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