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Future Of Fleet Management

FIRST BRIEFING - The Future of Fleet Management

The Future of Fleet Management Briefing was a great success. Having such insightful speakers made our event insightful and interesting to watch. What has been described as “sleek and professional” will carry on throughout the rest of our Briefing series.
Next up will be ‘The Future of Digital Securities’ on the 10th June 15:00 CET, registration to open 29th May.
Our first FollowTheEntrepreneur Briefing has started, what we anticipate will be, an informative series of six briefings that look at the future of these different ecosystems. Our excellent panel brought different industry insights and experiences, coupled with the entrepreneurial flair that has enabled them to build successful businesses. Panelists included; David King, CEO of Drive Software Solutions Ltd; Shaun Sadlier, Head of Consulting for Arval; Serdar Urcar, CEO of Comodif and Andrew Denton, CEO of Alfa Systems.
During the 90-minute briefing, we heard personal perspectives from each speaker as well as predictions for the future of the industry.
In the course of the discussion three clear ideas of focus were identified; future growth potential for the industry; the need for businesses to adapt to new market conditions; the changing needs of the customer. All three aspects highlighted the necessity for flexibility and efficiency in order to adapt to the ever-changing environments. The top 6 insights from our briefing were:
  • In terms of technology, individuals “radically underestimate what will happen in 10 years” (David King)
  • There is a “big pressure on fleets to move to new, cleaner power trains” (Shaun Sadlier)
  • For efficiency and flexibility purposes people “want better tools to manage fleets” (Serdar Urcar)
  • The requirement for transport and mobility solutions is greater than it ever was due to social change and Gen Y’s focus to “usership and ownership” (Andrew Denton)
  • There is currently a drive to fleet management as “the technical opportunity has caught up” (Andrew Denton)
  • “Blockchain is a key enabler in mobility solutions” (Andrew Denton)
Feedback from our audience has been fantastic and we look forward to the next briefing.


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Serdar Urçar
CEO of Comodif
Web-new-profile_0004_Layer 1
Shaun Sadlier
Head of Consulting for Arval
Web-new-profile_0003_Layer 2
Andrew Denton
CEO of Alfa Systems
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David King
CEO of Drive Software Solutions


Julie Meyer
CEO of VIVA Investment Partners and Founder of FollowTheEntrepreneur and EntrepreneurCountry Global
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