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26 – 29 October 2023
Villa Rosa Kempinski, Kenya


The 2023 campaign continues with the FTE Africa, showcasing one of the fastest growing region of the World.

One of the largest markets in the world with 2 billion citizens by 2030 and young entrepreneurs that will have their spotlight at the FTE stage showing the Future Africa could have.

Welcome to the fte Africa 2023
Why attend
the FTE Africa
The FTE uniquely connects entrepreneurs, investors and innovators, creating networks and lifelong friendships. It’s not just about the millions invested into businesses, or the returns companies have generated. The FTE Business Family will showcase the potential and a Future for Africa, connecting emerging entrepreneurs and the world’s established investors.
Join us this summer at the Villa Rosa Kempinski resort in Kenya.
Explore the location of the Summit, go on a Safari, and connect with other delegates to create life-long connections and friendships.
Investors, entrepreneurs and world-class keynote speakers will showcase the Future of Ecosystems and showcase their business opportunities.
evening events
After the Official Programme enjoy the local cuisine and continue to connect with the FTE Speakers and Delegates.

African entrepreneurs at the fte mykonos 2022

Some of the most impressive and eminent African entrepreneurs and investors were a part of the FTE Mykonos 2022. Who will succeed them at the FTE Africa 2023?
Alice a (1)
Alice Anangi
CEO and Founder - Crypsense


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