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The Gulf/ Middle East is known for its Oil & Gas Economy.   The leaders have decided to go Net Zero, and to transform their Economy into a Green Ecosystem.

Geo-politics is shifting the centers of power and neutrality; the UAE is a net recipient of capital & financiers seeking a new centre from which to back industry.

The FTE has brought several thousand financiers and entrepreneurs or Digital Industrialists together over the past 14 years.

oil and gas industry


Acceleration of Net Zero and Early Adopter Ecosystem

The FTE has a model of bringing entrepreneurs & investors together.  The FTE will leverage its platform to accelerate the inflow of capital and innovation into the Gulf & Middle East towards the Goal of delivering Net Zero.

Foreign Direct Investment

The FTE will bring financiers and businesses to the UAE who have little or no experience in the region but who will both benefit from and contribute to the platform which is the UAE.

Secure Interest in Investing in the FTE Portfolio Companies

VIP’s business model is to either earn a 5% commission on capital secured for its clients, and /or to manage SPV’s which have been structured as AMC’s (actively managed certificates) by Anova Partners towards long-term performance fees or capital gains.

Mainstream Sustainability

At the FTE Winter, the Sustainability Panel defined Sustainability in several ways.    We will broaden and deepen that discussion to showcase how Entrepreneurs incorporate Sustainability and Impact into their Ventures.


The FTE works as a series of Network Effects through its Alumni who benefit from and contribute to the Platform.   We will continue that Network Effect to leverage those FTE Alumni who have forged their platforms in the Gulf and Middle East.

The FTE will engage its clients and portfolio companies as well as firms with whom it collaborates in the UAE to achieve the goals of the FTE GREEN.   These partners are:


DAMAC Properties


Lazard Asset Management

london advertising

PWC / Stephen Anderson

Sun Capital Holdings

Zero Carbon Ventures

Through a Flagship event from 26-30 November 2023 in the UAE:   FTE GREEN, the FTE will achieve the FTE GOALS


The FTE will adapt its model to the UAE, but not abandon what has made it work in other jurisdictions, namely invitations from ambassadors, and a tight circle of people who share the same values.

Learnings from the FTE Winter included that the distribution of Presentations across the four days with excursions and business social networking mixed in works better than a strict separation of Pre-Summit for 2 days and then Summit for 2 days.

The FTE will issue a Call to Action or an FTE CAMPAIGN through its network/platform (325,000) strong for ventures and projects to present which meet the Ecosystems of the FTE:

Eco Warrior
New Asset Classes
Financial Services
Health / Medical / Food
Energy/ Power

The FTE GREEN will develop a portfolio of 25 FTE Portfolio Companies, and will work to build transformational relationships with Partners in the UAE with whom they can have a soft landing and integrate into the market.

the plan

First Three Months

With 9 months to bring together the FTE GREEN, a Project Team will be assembled which will include:

– Saarvi Moshaver, ex-PWC

– The INSEAD Alumni Chair in the UAE

– 4 additional part-time resources donated by Steadman Consulting

Second Three Months

Selection / Due Diligence on Companies & Entrepreneurs

Third Three Months

Development of the Programme of Events and Speakers

Financing & Operations

In the first quarter of the 9 month window, the FTE will seek a Partner which will underwrite 25% of the costs.  The following table showcases our top targets and the reason why they would Partner:

Citibank To develop their platform in the region and have a Right of First Refusal on the Dealflow
Julius Baer To secure AUM from new clients that do not yet have banking relationships
Legend Holdings To secure innovation and ventures for Legend in the region.
PWC To make PWC the Partner of Choice in the UAE for the FTE Delegates.
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