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Ecosystems at the FTE 2022

The Future of the Ecosystems is the Key part of the FTE Investor Summit, showcasing the industry leaders and challengers facing off in the eternal battle of innovation.

If you are running a large corporation and looking for high-growth, you can count on the entrepreneur as your problem solver. But you have a bigger problem if you don’t have a reliable means for engaging with him or her. Technology is no longer an industry, but a layer. You can’t be a high-growth firm unless you leverage technology,

At the FTE Investor Summit, we look into the Future of Ecosystems, searching for digital enablers, entrepreneurs and changemakers that will reshape the economy as we know it. We aren’t only searching for new technologies, but new business models, innovations and the disruptors of the old ways.

Thas is why we Follow the Entrepreneur.

Ecosystems Represented at the FTE 2022
Sustainable Mobility
Creator Economy
Energy & Sustainability
Money & Digital Assets
Health & Aging
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