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will adams

will adams

Executive Director, Private Trust Partners S.A., Luxembourg

Mr. Adams will present his view on How to Value NFTs?
From community to rarity, this discussion introduces the audience to four primary factors that can influence the popularity and value of an NFT amongst collectors and investors.



A senior executive with over 19 years of experience in financial markets and over 10 years developing and structuring investment portfolios, originating secured debt vehicles, designing systematic trading strategies and preparing risk management protocols, including alternative investments, for family offices, hedgers, and corporations, institutional speculators and pension funds. He has more than 12 years of experience managing operations and organizations for various industries delivering long-term competitive advantages by building capabilities, creating process efficiencies and establishing strategic relationships.

Summary of Experience:

Adams develops and executes high-quality enterprise solutions for commercial and institutional concerns in various developed and emerging markets by leveraging new and existing partner and vendor relationships to generate commercial interest, negotiating and closing complex agreements, creating compelling value propositions mapped to corporate business needs, and establishing performance and revenue targets for all stakeholders.
– Originates vertically integrated deal flow pursuant to the company’s particular operating and investment initiatives.
– Performs ongoing portfolio maintenance, management and performance monitoring which include: the review of model investment recommendations, the evaluation of portfolio construction, portfolio rebalancing and trade list generation, the analysis of exposure and performance, and the reconciliation of trading strategies and transaction costs.
– Supervises the performance of active global macro funds and live alternative investment programs focused on globally exchange-traded futures, commodities, derivatives, bonds and securities.
– Conducts the research and evaluation process of alternative strategies (e.g., commodities, global macro, hedge funds, and physical asset programs) and analyzes and assimilates the merits and risks of new routines and how each could fit into the overall portfolio strategy.
– Evaluates and structures asset-backed debt instruments collateralized by natural resources, physical commodities and real estate.
– Manages a team of portfolio managers, risk managers, accountants and market analysts
– Serves as guest lecturer or panelist for numerous family office and institutional events related to alternative investment strategies, commodity futures and operational and market dynamics

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