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Tommaso Maria Chiorino


Born in Turin, Tommaso is an Italian entrepreneur and investor.   Married to Serena, father of Leonardo and Filippo.

Tommaso is an eclectic lover of interpersonal relationships and he is a fervent supporter of the visual arts, with his own production of television series, feature film, more than 200 commercials and 300 live shows.  Tommaso loves the mountains both in summer and inwinter, he prefers a sailboat to crowded beaches and is a basketball fanatic. He has always been involved in various charitable associations to help children with serious illnesses or economic problems (casamica.it).   He is an active member of the Family Business Network, the global lobby for family businesses with more than 100 years of history (fbn-i.org).

 As a representative of the fourth generation of entrepreneurs of the world leader in the field of conveyor belts, Tommaso had to face a very complex choice (as future reference shareholder): entering the family business creating irreconcilable fractures or doing the good choice for the company and get away?  The decision to sell, what is rightfully yours, was not simple or quick. This, however, has meant that the family business could grow and that Tommaso could focus on something that felt even stronger: create different realities closer to his time and make them grow without the help of previous generations.   He has kept the strong sense for innovation and R&D, keys to the success of the inherited business.

No debts, clear vision, work strong.

The Chiorino family has always diversified its investments not only by relying on stock markets, but by believing in other entrepreneurs, strong in their ideas, helping them in different stages of their human and professional growth. From seed investments to the IPOs, the only important thing has always been the vision.   With this approach Tommaso Chiorino has invested in various Italian companies, which have become international players.    …And with the same strategy it faces its own entrepreneurial horizon …..

Tommaso Chiorino decides to rebuild a real family company after the split from the original group, no longer a company linked to a product, but a family office with the openness to invest in different realities. Hence the desire to leave to his children a legacy made of more diversified assets. Thus Gens was born (from the Latin “generations”). Assets are managed by leading Italian institutions (Mediobanca, Banca Sella) and European institutions (Credit Suisse, Unicredit).  From Gens, investments will be in addition to financial operations, real estate through Later and other vehicles, and in digital consultancy and platforms through  DCG. Tommaso Chiorino is representing Gens Holding, which owns the 95% of DCG.

DCG is a global digital firm that helps grow businesses and successful brands through strategytechnology and platforms.  DCG has been built from the ground up to address the challenges that businesses & brands face in today’s digital world.    We are a marketing technology company with a strong understanding of the digital world and its population.

DCG – Behavioural Knowledge Ecosystem  The platform has been designed to work as core of a modular ecosystem that will connect the environment data sources identified as useful to the process.   The information acquired will then be filtered, organised and crunched to obtain comprehensive representations of people’s behaviours, allowing us to understand what really happens and predict future actions through the application of proprietary algorithms.   Our solution has been tailored to fit the needs of different industries such as: Retail, Public spaces, Smart city &Transportation, Financial institutions, Entertainment and Media.



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