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AnD Ventures

Official Partner of the FTE Mykonos 2021
AnD Ventures is a company-builder-based fund formed by a group of passionate seasoned investors and startup professionals to invest in transformational technologies and disruptive business models with a deep focus on data and AI companies.
As company builders, we don’t just invest, but put our capital into work through our Studio as we partner with entrepreneurs to transform their startups into successful tech companies. Our approach enables us to adapt to the challenges of our time while operating with an eye to the future.

Our Studio expertise includes implementing Silicon Valley grade company building standards, and Google growth methodologies, to help our startups scale smartly and effectively while positioning them on an accelerated growth trajectory towards the right exit model. These exit strategies may also include corporate acquisition and secondary sales,  enabled by our partnerships with leading corporates and growth funds.

The 4 pillars of AnD Early stage strategy:
  • Creating a unique deal flow – AnD Studio merges our years of experience and expertise in both the creation and acceleration of startups, into one of the most unique acceleration & growth methodologies in Israel. The Studio provides AnD with an unfair competitive advantage in the form of consistent access, and intimate knowledge into some of the most promising up-and-coming early-stage startups, just as they emerge into the Israeli ecosystem. We are currently running programs for the IDC University and the European Union, the IDCX Accelerator and EIT Call2Scale
  • Product Validation – Each early-stage technology startup within our pipeline is thoroughly validated and vetted across a variety of sectors and verticals by our Studio’s global network of corporate and growth partners.
  • High Stakes – Our focus is on a small yet extremely high-quality portfolio, aiming for a 15-20% equity, deploying a $75M fund, investing in ~20 companies, and working hand in hand with their founders to scale them into global markets.
  • Global market access – We provide our founders with offices, initial customers, and access to key global markets through our joint ventures currently operating in Tokyo and NYC, with more to come.
Flexible Exit Strategy  – As a company builder-based fund, we are looking to build each startup into a strong growth position as we look at quicker exit models which include corporate acquisition and secondaries, enabled by our close work with leading corporates and growth funds.
AnD Ventures Portfolio Companies
InfiniGrow is an AI-driven attribution, forecasting, and planning solution. We help B2B marketing teams continuously hit their KPIs by uncovering the business impact of any marketing activity and optimizing budget allocations towards the best-performing channels.
Edge is building a new digital experiences arena for gamers and Esports clubs. Where gamers can shape their skills, engage with their favorite games in completely new ways, create awesome gaming content together and build strong and rewarding communities.
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