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Sylwia Fitch

Founder at de-lux Global

Sylwia Fitch is a proven strategic leader with nearly 20 years of business across global and international roles from large to start-up companies.
She is passionate about luxury and technologies; fintech and blockchain plus women empowerment.

She has extensive experiences from consumer goods – was building globally super premium brands from across Pernod Ricard and Diageo (Chivas Regal, Johnny Walker, Ciroc etc), mobile technology – heading international marketing for British luxury phone Vertu and is helping small businesses with their business development strategies. She is co-founder of RVassets, the first electronic trading options platform used by buyside and sellside, and contributed to development of Ayr, a premium vaping technology with 150 patents to date where BAT invested too.

Today she is the founder of De-Lux, a business serving luxury space (business worth 380bln dollars) to address authenticity and transparency challenges in order to fight counterfeits – a market worth 1. 2 trillion dollars a year.

She took Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Strategy Programme at Oxford University to better understand the decentralised concepts of running the world and supports one of the biggest blockchain ecosystems in on-boarding across businesses.

She believes that blockchain is not a fashion and is here to stay; the combination of the centralised and decentralised solutions for the world, is a marriage made in heaven.

She is passionate about building businesses, marketing strategies, brands, developing products and technologies, followed by global consistent implementation with regional relevance. She is a leader who empowers and coaches teams while learning from others.

She loves sport (ex-champion in 100-meter hurdles), and enjoys dining plus travelling with friends and family.

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