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9h – Master of Ceremonies, Julie Meyer, kicks off the Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit.

9h10 – Co-Host – Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group – China: Deciphering the Mystery

9h40  – Humanitarian Entrepreneurship – Opening Keynote:  Mikkel Vestergaard, CEO of Vestergaard

10h20 – The Future of Artificial Intelligence and its Applications

Opening Keynote:    Lubo Cheytanov, Founder and CEO of L3C – AI Incubation and Innovation

Second Keynote:     Anuj Gupta, Founder and CEO, AI & Blockchain powered Home Services

 Panel Session with John Textor, Avi Biran, Anuj Gupta, Axel Orgogozo and Lubo Cheytanov.

11h10 – The Future of Health – Keynote:  Dr Ahmed Bouzidi, CEO of Vaxeal

11h40 – Spotlight Fund:   Andra Capital – Founder, Haydar Haba

12h10  – The Future of Transportation

Opening Keynote:   Martin Drake, Founder, DRIVE Software Solutions

Second Keynote:   Freddie Talberg, Entrepreneur

13h Lunch

13h45 – The Future of Dubrovnik, Croatia, and a Personal Story of a leading Croatian Entrepreneur – Keynote – Davor Tremac, General Manager, Uber Croatia

14h15 – The Future of Security Tokens – Juan Engelhardt

14h30  – The Future of the Financing of Entrepreneurship

KEYNOTE:      Jonathan Lavender, KPMG Enterprise Global Chairman

Panel Session

  • Maxime Pallain, CEO of Raizers Switzerland, European Crowdfunding
  • Candace Johnson, former President, European Business Angels Network (EBAN)
  • Avi Biran, technology executive, investor and entrepreneur
  • Alexandra Tschopp, Fund Advisor
  • Eric Sarasin, investor
  • Dr Nicolai Schaettgen, MatchMaker Ventures

15h30 –  The Future of Space and Satellites

Opening Keynote:    Candace Johnson, Founder of SES Astra and other Satellite and Space firms

Second Keynote:    Mikkel Vestergaard, Founder of Sceye

Q&A – Candace and Mikkel

16h30 – The Future of Data Privacy – Paul Tarantino, Consent Systems

16h55 – One of our Japanese Keynotes

17h15  – The Future of Cyber Security

Session Chair – Richard Parris

Keynote:  The Future of IOT Security by Avi Biran

Keynote:   Laura Johnson

Panel Session

  • Natan Bandler, CEO & Co-Founder, CY-OT
  • Avi Biran, CEO of Cyber Odysseys
  • Laura Johnson, Chaucer Insurance
  • Paul Tarantino

18h – The Future of Trade Finance – Keynote – Miguel Solana, CEO of Liqease

18h30  – The Future of Digital Assets In Football, Sport & Entertainment  – Keynote – Daniel Taylor

End of Day 3

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