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Yanki Margalit

Yanki Margalit is a serial entrepreneur, an Israeli high-tech pioneer, social leader, futuristic thinker and seasoned investor.
Today he is the active Chairman of AnD Ventures and the President of ClimaSea Earth Technologies. Former chairman of SpaceIL.

In 1985 he founded Aladdin Knowledge Systems that produced software for digital rights management and Internet security. He developed two main products; KnowPro, an Artificial Intelligence software program to help human experts in their decision-making processes. To protect his software against piracy and illegal use, Yanki invented HASP, a hardware-based software protection key.

Under his leadership as Chairman and CEO, Aladdin grew to become a profitable global company (Nasdaq/ALDN) employing 600 people in ten countries and serving tens of thousands of software developers and corporate clients around the world. In 2009, with US$150M in annual sales, Aladdin was acquired by a US private-equity fund.

Nowadays, Yanki is the active Chairman of AnD Ventures , a company builder based VC fund focused on early stage Israeli frontier technologies across deep technology sectors investments. In addition, Yanki is a seasoned investor in several technology companies.

Social engagement and nonprofit work

From 2011 to 2015 Yanki was the Chairman of SpaceIL, an Israeli nonprofit organization competing in the Google Lunar X-prize. Since the mid-nineties, Yanki has supported the creation and development of many nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, including Idealist.org, Latet.co.il , college4all.org, meet.mit.edu, Adama.org.il, mit-forum.org.il and SpaceIL.com. Today he is mostly engaged in connecting people to the future with technology and science. Yanki is a popular speaker about technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, human evolution,
energy and space exploration. He has given hundreds of lectures to government authorities, large corporations, universities, and schools all over the world. Most popular ones are: Dream it! Make it! – A TEDx Jerusalem talk on DIY and the Maker Movement , Homo-Sapiens 2.0, at DOKU: TECH , The Future of Future | Yanki Margalit | SpaceIL | DOKU:TECH 2015

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