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Julian Hill-Landolt

Speaker on the Future of Digitized Sustainability.
Julian Hill-Landolt

Currently responsible for WBCSD’s Vision 2050 Refresh project, providing an ambitious agenda for business for the decade to come that can unlock transformation at the scale required. Also lead our work on Sustainable Lifestyles, focusing on transformational shifts in innovations and aspirations needed to make sustainable living both possible and desirable.

Julian leads the Sustainable Lifestyles work programme at WBCSD. The work covers a broad range of challenges, from understanding where the most significant impacts take place within our lifestyles through a deeper understanding of foot printing, the innovation of new transformative products, services, and business models through collaboration outside of existing corporate product portfolios, to how companies can inspire their customers to live more sustainable lifestyles and improve overall societal well-being. WBCSD has produced research on current and future consumption and lifestyles trends in Brazil, India and China, as well as thought leadership pieces such as “The Good Life 2.0”, a guide to transforming aspirations that we produced in partnership with Havas, a global advertising agency. Most recently, WBCSD has been developing innovation pathways towards more sustainable lifestyles, from the perspective of what individuals need and want from their current and future lifestyles.

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