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About Follow The Entrepreneur
Capital Follows Ideas; Always Has - Always Will

10 Years Of Successful History

For 11 years, we at Follow The Entrepreneur campaign have brought together thousands of entrepreneurs and investors to share insights, ideas, inspiration and investment opportunities. First at the Four Seasons Hampshire for 6 years, and then we took the show on the road to beautiful harbour cities – Malta, Dubrovnik, Taormina, Kea and now Mykonos, Greece.

The FTE Investor Summit has gained a reputation throughout Europe as a pre-eminent leading summit for Europe’s business builders and the ideas of the future. More than 1,000 speakers have graced the stage, and hundreds of millions of €, $, CHF and £ have gone into the businesses from the investors in the audience who have heard them speak.

Capital Follows Ideas; Always Has – Always Will

The Campaign

The theme of the 12th  Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit is reivent, intrepid, interdependence & Ecosystem Economics.

We are right on the money, we believe. Because of Covid…

Never has there been such a need to reinvent, be intrepid, understand interdependence and create sustainable economics for ecosystems.

FTE Mykonos 2021

The FTE community is a globally-minded, early adopter, high disposable income group of individuals who are joined by their desire 1) to move people up Maslow’s Pyramid, 2) to help people build their Personal Economies, 3) to create Sustainable Economics for every Ecosystem, and 4) to put the entrepreneur at the heart of society.

‘Society works best when it’s organised around the entrepreneur,’ Julie Meyer


The Community

The FTE Community has grown over the years to thousands who have attended, and hundreds who have spoken. Through the FTE Livestream with the help of Growth Gurus, first launched in Malta in 2017, we reached a total of 75,000 online viewers.  This experience puts us in good stead for the online presence of our FTE Greece in 2021 which will be held online and offline and tapping into our global community for several days.

Through the 325,000 members of EntrepreneurCountry Global, the sister site to the FTE, we access investors and entrepreneurs from around the world.   During the FTE Dubrovnik (2018), the FTE Taormina (2019), and the FTE Kea (2020) we welcomed more than 30 nationalities to the annual event.

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The Call to Action

FTE Mykonos 2021
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