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Tim is currently the Chief Technology and Product Officer of VIVA Investment Partners, as well as being on advisory boards for a number of UK start-ups covering Electric Vehicles, FinTech, Payments and Legal.
Coming from a technical development background and having 25 years of experience with startups and scale-ups, Tim has a proven track record of building technology companies whilst working in the fast-paced and often resource-limited start-up culture. He has founded or joined early-stage start-up/scale-ups across a number of varied domains: Military, Telecoms, Work-from-home enabling tech, ERP/Vehicle Logistics and most recently FinTech.
Tim was heavily involved in a number of  Open Banking steering groups, covering the implementation and roll-out with FCA and OBIE. This experience and his work across sectors have provided him with strong credentials in Governance / process creation and standards, including FCA AISP accreditation. Additionally, Tim has extensive experience working in-depth with both AWS and Azure together with in-depth experience of cloud-native architectures for highly scalable, high availability enterprise systems solutions – design, management and implementation.
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