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Elias Spirtounias

Executive Director at American – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce

After graduating from the School of Mathematics of the University of Athens, Elias Spirtounias completed his graduate studies at the School of Electrical Engineering (M.Sc. degree and pre-Ph.D. studies) at Boston University. During his residence in the United States, he participated as a Research Engineer in several research programs in co-operation with other organizations and companies such as NASA, MIT, UNH in the fields of analog and digital electronics, circuits design and applications.

He returned to Greece in 1992 and after completing his military service in 1994, he held the position of Technical Director for the subsidiary of the Italian company Citec SpA., a company specialized in the design, production and application of voice and image processing systems. From 1997 until February 2009, he worked for the Foundation of the Hellenic World, a major Greek private non-profit cultural organization, starting as a Construction Supervisor and continuing as a Managing Director of the brand new then Cultural Center, Hellenic Cosmos an innovative, based on new technologies, theme park. During his tenure, he contributed significantly to the expansion, development and operation of the Center and its establishment as one of the most known technology-driven cultural theme park in Greece and abroad. From March 2009, he holds the position of Executive Director of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

Along with his colleagues and in cooperation with the Board have managed, amid the economic crisis, to significantly increase the number of activities, undertake important initiatives, retain in high level the memberships, foster the advocacy level, expand further the presence of the Chamber in US and contribute to the evolution of the Chamber into one of the leading dynamic and reliable business organization in Greece. He serves as Treasurer of the American Chambers in Europe (ACE) Executive Committee.

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