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Architect & Developer

Christos Vlachos is a distinguished Greek architect and developer who was born in Athens and studied at the Polytecnico di Milano Architecture School. His work focuses on residential projects.

Focusing on residential buildings, his architectural work is chracterized by his constant oversight of his buildings from the architectual concept up until the construction of every design feature

The eclectic architecture and high-end construction values of his residential projects have earned him and his office national recognition along with a diverse and demanding clientele.

Christos Vlachos’ developments continue and extend the tradition of the “stone village” which was conceived by his father, Tasos Vlachos, who began investing in Kea΄s real estate in the 1960’s and built the island’s first contemporary stone houses and windmills. As a heritage from his father, he was also active at hotelling, which he now transforms into exclusive housing, as a result of the contemporary necessities of holidaymaking.

His architecture is modern, compact, bears clear lines and is organically linked to the natural landscape. The stone residencies he designs and develops are sustainable and meet the latest building standards. Open to the natural landscape, they offer a discrete high-end aesthetic, intimate privacy and breathtaking views over the Aegean, both from inside the house and from the outdoor living spaces. Incorporating natural elements, his residencies also boast state-of-the-art facilities and features.

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